December = Beach time!

AlexPott_Chloe_BTS3So yay for some sunshine, although, the window of a comfortable summer is quite small where the weather will go from freezing cold to someone-opened-the-oven-door. Anyway, we managed to get a pretty cracking day for this beach shoot. Met Chloe on an unrelated shoot and thought she seemed super fun so organised some swimwear and off we went. This girl has some crazy energy – woha! Perfect for shoots I reckon because nothing worse than having a model who is so quiet and uninspiring that you get more poses out of the local beach crabs. Anyway, not the case here. Weaving makeup magic and some hair wrangling was Zoe Karlis.

Mostly shot using scrims and reflectors with the odd bit of sand flying into equipment/eyes/bathers




AlexPott_Chloe_BTS2Chloe and Zoe felt it appropriate to play on my fear of jellyfish by randomly calling them out.  There were none.  Yet my irrational fear still made me run through the water like a new born giraffe trying to avoid termite holes.






AlexPott_Chloe_BTS1Here I am demonstrating the extremely ancient art of sun-shielding the digital display on the back of the camera for image review.  It works better with darker T-shirts.


Aaaaand……some final shots 🙂  AlexPott_Swimwear_Chloe1


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