Raggatt Skate Shoot

Alex_Pott_Blog_Raggatt1It was time to get my “skeg” on and show up to a Melbourne skate park on crisp weekday morning. Shooting the talented Naomi’s latest range with the absolute divine Bela from Giant Management. It was actually heaps of fun even though we had to shoot around skaters, and I’m not talking 16yr olds skipping school. Had a chat to a 30-something guy who was trying to get back on the board after massive back surgery due to a skating accident. He comes down from the office for morning tea and lunch to “grind out” some tricks. Can you tell I have never skated in my life? True story!

Anyway, Bela moved through the shoot like a total pro whilst crew repeatedly climbed in and out of the bowl. Seriously, that’s a harder workout than it sounds. I semi-strained my hammi putting my skate future on hold.

My fave outfit for today’s fashion shoot was definitely this hooded number.  Totally rad!  Skuze me whilst I now go shred some wood.  Sk8, don’t hate!



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