‘Mazing Madi

Whilst searching the house for some hidden chocolate I stumbled across an archive hard drive I had been missing.  As one does, hoping to find a small time capsule of whatever, I plugged it in to find some behind-the-scenes photos of a shoot I did with my pal Madi.  I shot this model YEARS ago when she was a real youngin’ and to now had the opportunity to fire off some frames with her after she has been on modelling TV shows, traveled the world and grown into a rockin’ model.

I always find it is a little disappointing when gorgeous models come in for a shoot and they end up having one look.  One pose.  One angle.  This happens more now with the advent of instagram where young models tend to almost train themselves into this selfie pose.  I mean, my selfie pose is pretty unrefined and every time I can’t shake the pressure of being in a photo I end up looking like an escaped mental patient loitering around photography equipment.  Anyway, Madi has the ability to move and frown and smile and jump and just be a tycoon of awesome poses that WANT to make you shoot the next frame.  I LOVE it when that happens.  You come away with not thirty photos of the same thing pose and outfit, but thirty photos of so many personalities and feels it just gives you options.  I love options.  And chocolate.  I digress, here are the long lost behind the scenes photos.

Hair was by Adlena Dignam, makeup by Bernice Mansfield and styling  by Christabell McDonald.


BTS with Madi AlexPott_BTS_Madi1 AlexPott_BTS_Madi2 AlexPott_BTS_Madi3

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