New York Fashion Week

What a fashionably crazy time happens in New York during this annual gathering of the most beautiful. Spent near on two weeks here soaking in the sights, food and fashions of the amazing city. Scarily, I found myself staring through real-estate windows at apartment for sale. The amazing architecture that this place offers is mind-blowing and simply not something we have back home. What we do have we demolish to put up glass towers of bland, livable boxes. Such a shame.

Crazily, apartments aren’t out of reach here. Sure, they are expensive, but not totally unobtainable. Although, living in a city that doesn’t sell the majority of Cadbury’s chocolate bars makes this a futile dream 🙂

I do really love the weird and wonderful here. You only have to walk a few blocks before seeing the wonderfully crazy dress code of some eccentric local. It’s fun…and yet…slightly weird. Love this place. Ran into the sexy fashion week androids walking the streets (see below). Seriously, a sparkly safety helmet! I WANT THAT! I don’t care if I just wear it driving around Melbourne in my little hatchback. I NEED ONE!

Oh, and if you come here and like steak, you HAVE to try the steak at Buddakan at the front of Chelsea Market. It’s insane. Like seriously, I like steak, but I have no idea what they do to their meat but it’s worth the many pennies they ask for it.


Fashion Week NY Garment District

Fashion Week NY Venue with Attendees crossing

Sexy Fashion Week NY Androids

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