Lookbook Lunacy with Verity

Photoshoot Behind the ScenesHad a really fun lookbook shoot today. I know I know, lookbooks? Fun? This one actually was as the designer actually stepped out of that stale, stinky mold of simply shooting straight up down poses of front,side and backs. Unleashing a fab Nat from Vivien’s Models, she embraced the mood board and busted out pose after pose without breaking a sweat.

Makeup and hair was tamed by Vic Martin followed by her inspiring cowboy-stance final-looks phone photos of the model. And I thought I pull weird poses when I shoot.

Quite unusually this young designer busted out playlists containing soft-core gangster wrap whilst providing a wicked vegan selection of munchies. The croissants aren’t exactly vegan, so I had to make swift work of them so we could call it all vegan once they were gone.  Surprisingly I made it through the entire shoot without needing a Pastry-Passout nap.



National Nacho PhotoshootThe other amazing fact for today.  National Nacho Day!  Well, there seems to be some arguments on the internets whether it’s the 6th Nov or the 21 of Oct.

Anyway, mini video and some behind the scenes shots of today. Will share some campaign imagery once completed.







Nat from Viviens

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