Lookbook Lunacy with Verity

Had a really fun lookbook shoot today. I know I know, lookbooks? Fun? This one actually was as the designer actually stepped out of that stale, stinky mold of simply shooting straight up down poses of front,side and backs. Unleashing a fab Nat from Vivien’s Models, she embraced the mood board and busted out pose after pose without breaking a sweat. Makeup and hair was tamed by Vic Martin followed by her inspiring cowboy-stance final-looks phone photos of the model. And I thought I pull weird poses when I shoot. Quite unusually this young designer busted out playlists containing soft-core …

Tiahnee Beauty

Had a fab time shooting with Tiahnee (Pride Models) and Zoe Karlis on hair and makeup. Tiahnee is relatively new to modeling and has entered at a very young age. It’s scary when you hear you’re shooting a model on this side of the Millennium flip-over. I mean, she wasn’t even born when Nirvana was around. Suddenly I feel super old…BUT…that’s ok, because we live vicariously through the youth and beauty of models who are as friendly and easy going as Tiahnee. Little behind-the-scenes shot of Zoe cranking out a look.